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Steve Hinders.
"Inspired by the overlooked.
Really loves toast, Triumph
motorcycles, 1974 Jag XJ6's,
The Clash, Strawberry Fields
Forever 45, polka dot ties,
Rickenbacker guitars, paint spills
on the highway, black clouds,
fortune tellers, sandwiches,
60's soul music, and marbles.
Steve Hinders is an artist. If you speak with him he may try to dispute this fact, but it is undeniable. It is his passion and what he lives for.

Steve collects discarded items, old photographs, or unusual objects that he comes across. He works with these items, perhaps adding color, perhaps breaking them apart, to develop artistic ideas. He takes these ideas to a local copy shop and manipulates them until a level of aesthetic satisfaction is attained. You may enter this copy shop and see a crazed man frantically photocopying his boot…or a dried up lizard…or a scar on his body. Steve sees something in these objects that is a reflection of himself and the world he inhabits.

Steve has been developing his copy shop approach over a number of years. Having come of age in the 1970s, he lives his life and develops his art with a punk sensibility – yes, this is what it is. There is no pretense here. It is unique, direct, and, above all, honest.

His friends have helped develop Modasfolk because we think it is time for his work to reach a larger audience. The object is to showcase the unique artwork of Steve Hinders. His art speaks to us. We think it will speak to you too.

A Friend - Scottsdale, Arizona 2006


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